Saturday, 25 July 2009

What is iCVbook?

iCVbook is the website of 2009. A new concept, an innovation, a revolution. A display of everyone’s professional attributes. On the Net. Adapted to a new generation of people and companies.

iCV is a unique professional business card including a breakthrough multimedia portfolio, your web links and entirely customizable applications to boost your career and manage your business.

iCVbook provides companies with a real website and tools of communication: relevant applications, a qualitative showcase of their work, a modern image to the public, geolocation, and tools that allow businesses to find innovative projects and to directly appeal to relevant contacts.

iCVbook connects people and companies through a network with a brand new system, made and improved by the users themselves, based on the relational logic of recruitment.

Seize the opportunity to boost your career or business today!

Never before achieved, but today on iCV!

The multimedia portfolio is now available on your iCV!

You can upload whatever content you need, images, videos, music,documents.

Imagine Flickr, YouTube, iTunes, Adobe acrobat... all gathered to create the most stunning selections of work for your professional benefit!

Start creating your albums today and show everyone who you are through your varied contents!

Check out the iCV of Nina or the demo on the blog. Also, don't hesitate to ask the Hotline with any question.

You can also read the detailed demo below in this blog.

Embrace your opportunities

iCVbook's network is expanding. In the coming weeks, it will be making some great developments. With a strategy directed at you the users.
With a strong desire to develop simple and efficient tools.
A revolutionary concept.
Innovative tools.
A different approach.
Always striving to be the best we can.

Check out the big picture.

Connect with the network contains all the members of the iCVbook network. Access all the iCVs and add contacts to your private profile by consulting this new platform.
It means the growth your own network, new connections and a step further to boost your career and embrace opportunities.

Don't forget to add a picture in your profile to be seen.

iCVbook, comment ça marche?

Les quelques étapes clés pour lancer votre profil professionnel et booster votre carrière

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Démo Portfolio

Les quelques étapes clés

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Show off to the world

Nina is 30 years old. She lost her job six months ago. She realised that she had a lot to show and tell the world. She wrote a book. In time she knew that she had to find an editor.

So she decided to set up a tool to tell people who she is in the best possible way. She launches a designed website with the best of the Net and new technologies, where she can put all her skills, her web links, her qualifications and her multimedia contents. An old-fashioned CV can’t show all that, nor can a simple network. She had to invent, think different, innovate for this Y generation, and thus adapt to mutations. She wanted to put together all the things that make up her personality and her professional identity.

She creates an iCV, an interactive business platform. Then a network, adapting to everyone, interconnected, inventive and impatient.

She can now reveal to the world who she is, manage her career and finally find an editor for her book.